Gianfranco Ferre Luxury Vintage

Gianfranco Ferre (1944-2007) began designing jewellery in the late 1960s. By the early 1970s he was designing accessories for other designers, and he made a name for himself designing tee shirts for Fiorucci. Starting in 1974, Ferre designed for the Italian Baila label. In 1978 he began designing women’s ready-to-wear under his own name, and he started a men’s line in 1982. He started a couture label in 1986. Ferre was chosen to design the Dior collection in 1989, a position he held until 1996. He continued to design until his death in 2007. At De L’Époque London, we sell vintage designer and period Gianfranco Ferre pieces that are offered under a resale basis. From Couture to mass produced, we treat each piece with the upmost care. With Luxury vintage pieces at the heart of our business model; we offer a service that is high-end, whether it’s in our concession in Liberty or our Knightsbridge based Boutique. To ensure the perfect fit, we offer restoration and alteration services.
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